Qualification for this event will be based on 1st Win percentage, WITH A MINIMUM NUMBER OF 36 GAMES HAVING to have BEEN PLAYED across all league matches
Top 32 players will be eligible.

Singles Qualification Stats

PlayerPWL1st Win1st Loss% 1st W / P% 1st W / Max
Alex Wright11101317517
Darren Fowles12102317517
Arron Freeman1275317517
Jon Cobby1266317517
Karl Rogers1064317517
Nigel Hunt1055317517
Mick McMaster1165317517
Sean Stock1037225011
Johnny Herring734216711
Tristan Owens1266216711
Callum Trigg743225011
Jonathan Sillett1174225011
Gary Smith1486225011
Dalton Yallop1064216711
Riley Harlow1037216711
Ashley Cook1376225011
Richard Munnings1477225011
Matt Davis1477225011
Dan Vincent936225011
Jordan Barber73412336
Niall Riches84411506
Harry Taylor74312336
Craig Hunt32111506
Simon Pitcher83512336
Del Bull43111506
Shaun Yallop82613256
Tom Newstead440101006
Neil White126613256
Billy Scriven63312336
James Irvine220101006
Darren Brown104612336