Qualification for this event will be based on your Win percentage over all games played, WITH A MINIMUM NUMBER OF 36 GAMES HAVING to have BEEN PLAYED across all league matches
Top 32 players will be eligible.

Singles Qualification Stats

PlayerPWL% W / P
Sean Segev550100
Michael Bolton3932782
S. Lish55451082
Ashley Cook68521676
Darren Fowles61451674
Del Bull118373
Lewis Salmon53381572
Shay Bagley76522468
Mark Yeowell40271368
Alex Wright48321667
Danny Davis42281467
Tristan Owens84552965
Simon Pitcher62402265
Mick McMaster56362064
Chris Moore43271663
Dalton Yallop62372560
Steve Topping52312160
Neil White52312160
Al Swanston53260
Elliot Sculfor53260
Tom Newstead2213959
Richard Munnings70412959
Arron Freeman60352558
Geoff Yallop69402958
Niall Riches68392957
James Irvine30171357
Charlie Colk28161257
Billy Scriven39221756
Dan Vincent41231856
Fran Calvert77423555
Owen Wright65362955
Nigel Hunt40211953
Callum Rooney68363253
Jonathan Sillett44232152
Danny Paget23121152
Luke Adams61322952
Karl Rogers51262551
Matt Davis72373551
Casey Rayner84450
Callum Trigg27131448
John Harlow50242648
Karl Munnings157847
Johnny Herring46212546
Chris Elvin67303745
Sean Stock55243144
Simon Smith41182344
Simon Wilson76334343
Ray Knapp38162242
Jon Cobby69284141
Mark Roberts56233341
Mark Crawford69284141
George Payne43172640
Graham Yallop52340
Alex Farrington38152339
Jordan Lurkins57223539
Ernie Mayne52203238
Gary Smith61233838
Craig Hunt30111937
Jordan Barber2691735
Riley Harlow57203735
Lee Parsons46153133
Andy Bland39132633
Keiron Cook31233
Andrew Rider2891932
Dan Smith1651131
Narkis Zabari2681831
Shaun Yallop39112828
Darren Brown53153828
Harry Taylor42113126
Nick Tall41325
Mark O’Donell41325
Alan Jeffries1331023
Barry Stone1431121
A. Bulloch102820
Christian Lever2542116
Callum Rider2031715
Daniel Mayne79116814
Karl Bowen71614